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The Ultimate Learning Outcome November 3, 2007

Posted by Dwight Furrow in Dwight Furrow's Posts, Philosophy, Teaching.

Bob Dylan, in Chronicles, the first volume of his memoirs, discusses his early influences. In commenting on the collection of classic literature of some Greenwich Village friends with whom he was staying, Dylan sensed:

“an overpowering presence of literature…you couldn’t help but lose your passion for dumbness.”

That is about the best description I have seen of the aim of undergraduate education, especially the study of philosophy–to overcome the seductions of incuriosity and laziness. 

Is there a standardized test to determine when this occurs?



1. Adamma - June 29, 2009

Hi, Congratulations to the site owner for this marvelous work you’ve done. It has lots of useful and interesting data.

2. Sandie - June 29, 2009

Great post, thanx.

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