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Going Down the Memory Hole December 21, 2007

Posted by Dwight Furrow in Current Events, Dwight Furrow's Posts.

“Sectarian segregation isn’t ideal, but it beats genocide”, writes LA Times Columnist Rosa Brooks.

 Well, true that. But it hardly justifies all the happy talk from Republican candidates and the administration about the success of the surge.

As Brooks describes,

” In Baghdad, 12-foot-high walls now separate Sunni and Shiite communities. Broken by narrow checkpoints, the walls turn Baghdad into dozens of replica Green Zones, dividing neighbor from neighbor and choking off normal commerce and communications…Sunnis have been driven out of Shiite neighborhoods, Shiites out of Sunni neighborhoods, the Kurds have retaken their own historic territories and smaller minorities have been shoved to the side.”

“Iraq is a prison, and now I live in my own little prison,” says one Iraqi.

Of course, all this ethnic cleansing is policed by various warlords and militias armed by American money and prepared to unleash unspeakable violence when the troops leave.

Now, after countless lives ruined and billions of dollars wasted, we are told by Washington pundits and their pollsters that the war is no longer a campaign issue.

I’ve read that the prevalence of Alzheimer’s Disease will grow astronomically in the near future. Apparently, it already afflicts registered voters.



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