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And So It Begins January 3, 2008

Posted by Dwight Furrow in Current Events, Dwight Furrow's Posts.

The process of nominating candidates for president begins tonight with the Iowa caucus, a strange bird that is not really a primary election.

For information about how the caucus works see this.

Caucus voters are not representative of registered voters and Iowa is not a representative state. So its not clear what we will learn about actual voter preferences from this exercise.

But the press invariably treats it as important so it creates momentum going into the actual primaries that begin later this month.



1. Moriae - January 6, 2008

Well it does seem the dog and pony show is off in earnest. Are we really trying to find what Iowa ‘represents,’ or are we simply trying to find a way to diminish its signifiance? The former is given covertly, but I think the latter was the intent.

What would count as evidence for such ‘representation?’ Being back East I know most here would object to any suggestion that California is representative of anything ‘Eastern.’ I’m confident too that most in California would share the same sentiments regarding the East. So what is gained by saying Florida is not New York, or that Idaho is not Virginia? I know most people in Albany resist the suggestion that New York represents them. I know there is also enmity between Los Angeles and San Francisco. So what would count as “representative” in cases such as these?

Was anyone in Iowa suggesting that they were speaking for anyone other than themselves? Doesn’t seem like that to me. So why would one try to insulate oneself from the results of a small state? Is it insecurity? And reminding others of commonplace facts about Iowa is curious as well. I’m certain that those who didn’t know these facts beforehand aren’t that much concerned about it either after being informed.

In fact this election is about emotional issues, not facts. No one is really arguing about facts– they are readily conceeded. The dispute is how we interpret these facts, and it is here that emotions, not reason, rule.

It is the repeated political technique of these inarticulate feelings being encased in what seems to be quantifiable terms for unconscious public consumption that drives the current orgy. These ‘contests’ are actually public displays and confessions of inconsonant feelings seeking public reconciling. In politics we again find the canaille seeking to reestablish its putative raison d’etre just long enough to placate its conscience for another four years.

Believe me, you can count on the desire for “change” to reappear right on schedule four years from now. That may be why Jesus has refrained from returning– could it eventuate in anything other than a massive disappointment? Nothing is more disconcerting for man than having his desires satisfied. Which is, I suppose, a more prosaic rendering of Mencken’s comment:

“Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want— and deserve to get it good and hard.”

2. Forrest Noble - January 6, 2008

Concerning Mencken, sounds more like a Freudian slip mixed with humor than it does a theory.

your friend forrest

3. Moriae - January 6, 2008

Naw, that’s an accurate quote, not a fehlleistung.

4. Forrest Noble - January 7, 2008

OK Moriae,

I knew that it was an accurate cite because you wrote it with quotes–, but it sounds sexual to me, seems like he meant that they deserve to get fwjf007ed; but maybe that’s just me. And you made me look up fehlleistung. I don’t remember that from Freud but I guess I “forgot” to read it in German.

your friend forrest

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