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A Rational Immigration Policy? January 14, 2008

Posted by Dwight Furrow in Current Events, Dwight Furrow's Posts.

Economist Ryan Avent tries to be cool and detached when thinking about immigration and terrorism.

“One thing that I wish Democratic candidates would or could emphasize is that a more liberal immigration regime isn’t just compatible with better security, it may actually facilitate it. If you allow economic immigrants ready access to the country, then they have no reason not to come in through the front door, at which point they can get fingerprinted, get their visas and identification cards, be placed in the government’s databases, checked against terrorist profiles, etc. This way, we know who is coming into the country, and we know that anyone not using the front door is probably not a legitimate economic immigrant.”

Any chance this kind of thinking might prevail?



1. Thea - January 19, 2008

No, I personally do not think that this type of thinking will prevail any time soon. Sadly, the concept of a black market clearly eludes most voting Americans.

2. Forrest Noble - January 22, 2008

No chance Dwight!! If we let in whoever wanted to come here with no waiting time, our country would be flooded with uneducated immigrants in just a few years. Racial confrontations, resentment, jokes and strife, which are already a problem, would abound.

It’s a similar argument in favor of legalizing drugs. If they were legalized it could be more readily controlled and revenues gained all right, but overall drug use and related crimes and production declines, accidents, employee turnover, related health problems, child abuse, poverty, broken homes and lives, etc. etc., would skyrocket. Would I vote for legalizing drugs, of course! – even possibly the immigration liberalization idea.

But most voters would not, in the foreseeable future, go for either possibility– I think?

your friend forrest

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