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Palin: Not Ready for Prime Time Redux September 27, 2008

Posted by Dwight Furrow in Current Events, Dwight Furrow's Posts.

Readers of this blog know that I am no neutral observer of this presidential election. But regardless of your political orientation or party affiliation, having Sarah Palin a heartbeat away from the presidency should scare the hell out of you.

Any of my students could give a more coherent answer than Palin to these simple questions asked by Katie Couric. She can’t put two sentences together that make sense.

A candidate who nominates her to be Vice-President is simply unqualified to be President.



1. Moriae - September 27, 2008

Anyone ask her yet to spell potatoe?

2. Huan - September 27, 2008

So an average American watching her answer these questions, what would their response be? Isn’t that where the real problem lies?

3. Paul Moloney - September 27, 2008

This is the first I have heard of Professor Furrow not being a neutral observer of the presidential election!

It is amazing, though, how one can say much in two sentences. Huan makes a very good point. What kind of people are we that we would have this or that politician representing us? What kind of person am I that I would be represented by this or that politician?

4. philagon - September 27, 2008

Politics on the Mesa

Either McCain is too old and will die in office or Obama is too black and will be assassinated by a racist. You should equally represent both sides of the demagogue’s dilemma.

5. joe - September 28, 2008

Huan, I recently talked with some people who were clearly McCain/Palin supporters and they said (almost in unison): “Palin is refreshingly normal.”

They would identify themselves as an average American.

6. Huan - September 28, 2008

That is quite what I expected, her ramblings do appeal to people regardless of whether they answer the question or how much sense they make, all she has to do is stress those little phrases that catch attention.

That’s what sickens me. Though I don’t know what sickens me more, Palin, or stupid people, probably the stupid people.

7. Charlette Lin - September 30, 2008

She seems very nervous… Is she more articulate when she is not put on the spot (like in the written form of a blog) or is most of her ideas this spotty?

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