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Happy Birthday to Unselfish Abe! February 12, 2009

Posted by Nina Rosenstand in Current Events, Ethics, Nina Rosenstand's Posts.
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There is another important 200th birthday today which should not go unnoticed by us, so Happy Birthday, Abraham Lincoln! And all my former “Intro to Philosophy: Values” students, please remember the story of President Lincoln and the Pigs, The Moral of the Story Chapter 4: While Lincoln himself thought that saving the drowning pigs was a selfish deed (because otherwise he wouldn’t have had any peace of mind all day), which would make him a psychological egoist, we can show that in this case he was mistaken: A truly selfish person wouldn’t have cared about any drowning pigs. So not only was Abe honest, he was also a decent human being who was capable of being moved by the plight of others, including nonhuman animals.



1. Moriae - February 12, 2009

One ought to note that Lincoln and Darwin were both born on the same day in 1809.

2. Nina Rosenstand - February 13, 2009

Good to see you again, Moriae! But I thought I implied just that: same day. Do you see a deeper significance?

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