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A New Cause? February 28, 2009

Posted by Dwight Furrow in Current Events, Dwight Furrow's Posts.
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Those of us on the left have to be very happy with President Obama’s bold agenda coming out of the gate. See Political Animal for a summary.

The NYT explained that Obama’s proposal is “nothing less than an attempt to end a three-decade era of economic policy dominated by the ideas of Ronald Reagan and his supporters.” The budget is “a bold, even radical departure from recent history,” which would “lay the groundwork for sweeping changes in health care and education,” and “reverse the rapid increase in economic inequality over the last 30 years.”

But there is still lots of room for improvement. If activists want a new cause celebre how about those ICE raids. From Calitics.

Up in Bellingham, Washington, a town just a few miles from the Canadian border, Immigration and Customs Enforcement conducted a “raid” on an engine plant, arresting 28 workers. The raid stirred outrage among many progressives who had hoped that the secret police tactics of the Bush-era ICE (and I’m sorry, but that’s really the best way to describe it) would end with the new administration.

These “raids”, several of which have hit California communities, making temporary orphans of children whose parents go to work and are thrown into prison camps with no warning or provision made for care of the children (or in cases in Texas, the children themselves are thrown into the camps), have been a prime target of immigrant rights and human rights groups.



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