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Delicious April 5, 2009

Posted by Dwight Furrow in Current Events, Dwight Furrow's Posts, politics.
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Despite the fact that Washington pundits, with their conventional wisdom, have been stupendously wrong about almost every aspect of foreign and domestic policy since the beginning of this century, we still have to listen to them whenever we elect to venture into the wasteland of mainstream teevee news.

Why anyone still listens to these people is beyond me.

No one takes them apart as deliciously as James Wolcott, a contributing editor and blogger for Vanity Fair, who takes a crack at explaining “What’s Wrong with Washington?”.

Here is just a sampling of bon mots:

Watching ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos, for instance, is like receiving an engraved invitation to apoplexy. When the panel that Stephanopoulos conducts after his “Newsmakers” interviews includes Sam Donaldson, George Will, and Cokie Roberts, longtime observers of Roman folly, it is like being swallowed by an hourglass; they saw away at the same old creaky strophes of received wisdom as if nothing short of divine revelation could awaken a new thought, eject the dust bunnies from their brains

Sunday morning, instead of watching the nitwits on the news programs, click on the above link—its worth reading the whole article.



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