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Friday Food Blogging July 3, 2009

Posted by Dwight Furrow in Art and Music, Culture, Dwight Furrow's Posts, Food and Drink.
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I absolutely do not know how to think about this.

In Singapore there is a restaurant, called The Clinic, which is designed to look and feel like a hospital.

According to a review at designboom,

the restaurant is designed from top to bottom in a medical theme. wheelchairs, hospital beds, operating lights, test tubes and more, the design is completely off the wall.

There website is here.






Patrons sit in wheelchairs and drink out of IV’s.

I am searching for some aesthetic principle here. Please help me out!

In haute cuisine, there is sometimes an element of disgust—eating eyeballs or entrails—that is supposed to invoke one’s will in overcoming pre-dispositions and focus attention on what one is eating. To enjoy the disgusting is to achieve a measure of self-control.

But this is not about being more in touch with the food and its meaning—something else is going on.

Something perhaps I don’t want to know about.



1. Paul J. Moloney - July 6, 2009

Could this place be any more bizarre than McDonald’s?

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