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What Do Republicans Want"? June 17, 2010

Posted by Dwight Furrow in Dwight Furrow's Posts, politics, Uncategorized.

Now that the primaries are over and the focus will gradually shift to the November mid-term elections, it is time to insist that Republicans come clean about their agenda.

We know they want to cut spending, cut taxes, and reduce the size of government. But what exactly does that mean? What government service do they want to discard? Which taxes should be cut and by how much? Where specifically is the waste, fraud and abuse they talk about? Now of course I imagine there is some waste, fraud and abuse in government. But where is it in a sufficient amount that its elimination would reduce the deficit?

I can’t think of a single Republican politician who has a specific answer to these questions; instead we get platitudes and silliness such as House Minority Whip Eric Cantor’s  “YouCut” gimmick.

We hear from the prognosticators that Republicans will make large gains in the House and Senate in November. Will they make these gains without anybody saying a word about what they actually want to accomplish in office. Or have modern elections been reduced to a head count of angry children whining because “my life’s not better yet”.

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1. Asur - June 18, 2010

It seems the Republican party is giving us yet another example of the unfortunate effectiveness of emotional appeal divorced from reasoned content.

2. Paul J. Moloney - June 19, 2010

When people agree it can give them a sense of power and unity, even if their agreement is unreasonable. Some Republicans may think they have power in simply agreeing with each other about certain ideas that, apparently, do not lead to any action. Power resides in action rather than in mere talk. People who agree do not necessarily act together on anything. Showing signs of agreeing can be a political bluff. Agreeing is good, though, when it follows upon having reasoned with others, but some Republicans do not show any signs of having reasoned together on topics. Agreement merely gives the appearance of having reasoned together. If they had reasoned on the topics they would have given definite details in regards to a plan of action, as Dwight pointed out. Political action has to take place in the here and now and the here and now is definite. If this is true it means the said Republicans have no definite plan of action. They are merely trying to hold out long enough for Democrats to fall on their faces while Democrats are trying to accomplish something. If the Democrats fall on their faces then the Repbulicans will feel they do not have to do anything at all, which was their plan the whole time.

Also, just because American Catholic Bishops and Republicans can agree on the importance of power, this does not mean they have reasoned together on the subject, which means they are not essentially unified. Both groups seem to have unreasonable notions concerning power. I know this much, if the American Catholic Bishops have not done the Catholic Church here any good, they certainly are not going to do the Republican Party any good either, no matter how much both groups love power.

Asur - June 19, 2010

I would disagree — final agreement based on differing reasoning is still agreement; insofar as it is such, it will produce cooperation.

It’s like going out for pizza: I like the pies, you like the owners and want to support them, both of us are glad for the other’s support in reaching our goal.

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