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More Racism from the Right July 22, 2010

Posted by Dwight Furrow in Dwight Furrow's Posts, politics.
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Anyone who doubts the fundamentally racist appeal of the Republican Party must watch this episode from Rachel Maddow.

The latest right-wing tactic is to scare white people into thinking blacks pose a threat to America. In the fever swamp of right wing imaginations, the fact we have a black President means they are taking over. But, as Maddow explains, this is not a new tactic—it harkens back to the 1960’s with the campaign of Alabama Governor George Wallace and Richard Nixon’s “southern strategy”.

The deliberately misleading video posted by right-wing provocateur Andrew Breitbart that led to the firing of Department of Agriculture official Shirley Sherrod is just the latest in a long sequence of racist publicity stunts perpetrated by a party that apparently is capable of any indecency.

But the fact that the Obama Administration responded by firing Sherrod without checking the facts shows that many Democrats including Obama still do not grasp the fact that conservatives are not a loyal opposition party intent on doing what is best for America.

A known right-wing provocateur, whose dishonesty is public knowledge, posts a short clip of a Sherrod speech on the Internet and the Administration fires her without trying to learn more, without talking to Sherrod, without even viewing the rest of the speech? I don’t think I have ever witnessed a more striking example of cowardice and stupidity.

And what does the media do? Instead of castigating Breitbart for being a liar and a bigot he is treated as a responsible member of the press while reporters focus on the Administration’s apology to Sherrod. As Steve Benen writes:

The media isn’t excoriating Breitbart, digging to find the original source of the video, or noting the racist themes in far-right attacks of late. Instead, it seems news outlets are fascinated by process, demanding to know who knew what when. Rather than quoting conservative Republicans in Congress going after the White House, the media has taken to highlighting concerns raised by liberal bloggers who are going after the White House.

It is hard to accept that 50 years after Jim Crow was put to rest racism returns as the official ideology of a mainstream political party.

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