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Climate Change Denier Recants August 16, 2010

Posted by Dwight Furrow in politics, Science.

The mainstream media, including CNN, have provided climate change deniers a platform to spread their half-truths and outright lies.

Apparently CNN’s resident climate change skeptic has recanted. From CNN meteorologist Chad Myers via Climate Progress:

Is it caused by man? Yes. Is it 100% caused by man? No. There are other things involved. We are now in the sun spot cycle. We are now in a very hot sun cycle. there are many other things going on. But, yes, a significant portion of this is caused by greenhouse gases keeping heat on the shore, on the land, in the atmosphere that could have escaped without those greenhouse gases, so, yes, it’s warmer. . ..

Of course, it is a little too late for a mea culpa. Thanks to oil company money and journalist hacks like Myers, a majority of the public is now skeptical of climate change despite the soundness of global warming science and fact that global average temperature is at or near record highs. The window of political opportunity for passing sweeping energy legislation has probably closed for now.

Even in his recantation, Myers can’t get his facts straight.

Unfortunately, “scientist expert” Chad Myers (actually a bachelor-degree meteorologist, not a climate scientist) also made the blatantly false claim that we are “now in a very hot sun cycle.” In fact, the sun is just emerging from an extremely low two-year minimum of activity, with years to go before it will reach another peak. Since 1980, average solar irradiance has been on the decline, even as global temperatures have risen.

Explain to me again why CNN is any different from Fox News?

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1. Paul J. Moloney - August 18, 2010

If a disregard for science is part of the Republican agenda then they will have a disregard for philosophy. If they have a disregard for philosophy, they have a disregard for logic. If they have a disregard for logic, they have a disregard for the rigors of reasoned thought. If this is the case then the Republican agenda is not based on reason. If this true then the Republican agenda is, by default, based on ignorance.

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