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It’s Not Funny September 20, 2010

Posted by Dwight Furrow in Dwight Furrow's Posts, politics, Uncategorized.

I must confess that I watch the goings-on in the political world with nothing but chagrin these days. When allegedly legitimate candidates for office advocate violence and threaten to repeal civil rights laws and the social safety net, I fear for this country and its people.

The so-called “tea party” movement with its radical pretensions and faux populist appeal has done well in some recent primaries. And “responsible” members of the GOP are doing nothing to discourage their ascendency while the media, seeking only controversy to sell ads, grovel at their feet.

As Robert Reich writes:

In Delaware, Palin-endorsed tea partier Christine O’Donnell is so far right she’s called “delusional” by Delaware’s GOP leader. In Kentucky, Palin-favored Rand Paul says the Civil Rights Act of 1964 shouldn’t apply to businesses. In Colorado, tea partier Ken Buck talks of getting rid of the 17th amendment, which provides for the direct election of senators. In Nevada, Palin-favored Sharon Angle has called for “2nd Amendment remedies” if Congress doesn’t change hands. […]

When Newt Gingrich, who has all but declared his candidacy for president in 2012, says President Obama exhibits “Kenyan anti-colonial” behavior, and that allowing an Islamic center near New York’s Ground Zero is tantamount to permitting Nazi’s near the Holocost Museum, he doesn’t sound like an ordinary American. He sounds like a hate-mongering crackpot. We’re not dealing with “extremism in defense of liberty,” as Barry Goldwater put it in 1964 (and even then, a large majority of Americans decided against him). We’re dealing with extremism that defies the principles undergirding our Constitution. […]

We’re in the midst of an ongoing economic emergency that requires clear thinking, intense work, and practical ideas. It also requires that we join together rather than be pushed apart. The loonies who are taking over the GOP pose a real and present danger.

If these people were not being accepted, by mainstream politicians and the media, as responsible public servants, we could all just have a laugh at the marginal nutjobs who are sometimes attracted to politics.

But they are way too close to power for comfort. It is no longer funny.

Democrats, even if discouraged, need to come out to vote in November.

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