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Public Opinion Redux October 12, 2010

Posted by Dwight Furrow in Dwight Furrow's Posts, politics.
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The most recent Bloomberg Poll has some interesting results on the fate of health care reform.

Here is the relevant question:

Turning to the health care law passed earlier this year, what is your opinion of the bill — should it be repealed or not?

It should be repealed: 47%
It should not be repealed: 42%
Not sure: 11%

It looks like this ought to be discouraging for proponents of reform. Until voters are polled on what’s in the health care law.

A 54% majority don’t want to bring back the lifetime caps on expenditures. A 75% majority do not want to repeal protections for pre-existing conditions. 60% want to preserve the insurance exchanges for the unemployed. 67% want to keep the elements of the law that allow kids up to age 26 to remain on their parents’ policies. 73% want to fill the Medicare donut hole.

Republicans seem to think that their calls to repeal the Affordable Care Act will be popular. Good luck with that.

But it would be nice if the public had a clue about what was in the bill.

Of course, if you get your news from the mainstream media you are likely to be confused about basic facts.

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