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It’s Always About Authoritarianism January 5, 2010

Posted by Dwight Furrow in Dwight Furrow's Posts, politics.
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Conservatives are apoplectic about the Obama Administration’s decision to try the “underpants” bomber in Federal Courts. Their argument is that he should be treated as a prisoner of war so he can be interrogated without the benefit of civil rights protections or a civilian lawyer.

The argument doesn’t make much sense. Civilian prosecutors are quite capable of eliciting information from suspects, and previous terrorists were tried and convicted in Federal Courts during the Bush Administrations and no one questioned the decision.

This controversy dovetails with the conservative talking point, now being endlessly repeated on cable news, that Obama never uses the phrase “war on terror”—a claim that is palpably false and easily refuted.

The idea that this lone loony with a hot crotch was a soldier is beyond ridiculous. But of course this debate is not about effective intelligence or just prosecution.

The right-wing wants terrorists to be classified as war criminals in order to reinforce the principle that anti-terrorist activity is part of a “war on terror”. That would justify the continued build-up of the authoritarian national security state in which all resources are directed toward national defense, thus lining the pockets of the military/industrial complex, and concentrating political power in the military and intelligence community.

This desire to turn the U.S. into a garrison at home and an imperialist aggressor abroad was the source of most of the shenanigans of the Bush Administration; and they are still at it, still dominating the airwaves and the news media, and still driving the political discourse.

Its nice to know that “freedom” is once more on the march, enabled by the bed-wetters in the Republican Party who over-react to every delusional brown person with an ax to grind.

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